Camouflage Nail Art

ARE YOU READY FOR ANOTHER NAIL ART BATTLE? Camouflage nail is one of the easiest designs but will surely rocks out your nails.

I always like to start with white especially when the design involves dark colors or neon colors because it will enhance the other color that you will be using and this technique will also save you time not to do double to triple coating.This is meant to those who are having hard time letting go of their nail designs and to those who wanted to preserve it for weeks this tip will be the answer to that problem. But I would still suggest to let your design stay for a max of two weeks, just to avoid harmful chemicals stay on your nails.

Don’t you know that nails become weaker when they are wet? Be sure to dry your nails completely after it is being submerge in water. Also, don’t forget to wash your nails with fresh water after getting out of chlorine filled water like swimming pool or Jacuzzi before you dry them. That is why you must take these things into consideration especially if you are growing your nails. In addition it might be easier to trim and file your fingernails when they’re soft, such as after bathing.
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