Fairy With Floral Headbands

Girls mostly use a headband to keep their hair from falling frontward into the eyes… The headband works great on days when locks cannot be ‘regimented’ at all. The fashion world today considers them as an iconic item than just any other hair accessory to tame your unruly hair. You can see celebrities and divas flaunting them on the ramp.. The head bands of these days can be worn in formal occasions as well.

The current trend is in fact wearing the elastic headband around the fore head opposed to wearing it on top of your hair. They give you a look which is elegant yet trendy. The elastic headbands in metallic colors look very stylist. They go well with frilly frocks and all other Bohemian garb. The elastic headbands are quite comfortable than a traditional ones and is much easy to wear.

The Grecian Goddess inspired chain variety is catching up in trend. They look extremely well with Greek inspired dresses and those with goddess cuts. You can also wear them with bold colored long blowy dresses and those with off shoulder neck line. These chain come in metallic finishes while black chain headband is also popular.

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