Lotion Bars

Lotion bars are a new experience for many of us novices. Most likely, you are used to applying lotion from a jar or tube. Lotion bars have the ingredients of a lotion without much of the added water in creams and lotions. This bar is a solid that is warmed in the hands until your body heat begins to melt the bar. The melted product can then be applied to dry skin areas.The product absorbs deep into the skin for extra softening effects. These spa products are also known as massage bars, because their ingredients are rubbed into the skin.

Lotion bars are made in a similar fashion to soap making, but there is no need to worry about using caustic chemicals like sodium hydroxide (lye) like you do in soap making. The ingredients of the bars contain oils and waxes that are melted together, then poured into a mold, much like you would when making soaps. After they harden for a few hours, then can then be wrapped and used as needed on your dry skin.

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