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Essential Party Hire You Need For Easter

As the year quickly passes, another public holiday of reconciliation, respect and celebration is coming up. Easter! The opportunity for a long weekend, calls for events and gatherings, which also means event planning. The team came across this really good article Party Hire Group made to assist event planners cover the 5 essential party matters needed to be well organised to make any event enjoyable!

They have agreed to us publishing their article for our readers to enjoy:

The Backbone of Comfort: Tables and Chairs

Suitable Tables

When hosting a gathering with friends and family for Australia Day, providing enough tables and chairs ensures the comfort of you and your guests. At Party Hire Group, we have an extensive range of tables and chairs to hire. Tables of various sizes allow ample space for food, drinks, games and conversation. You can consider our trestle tables. These party tables are available in 2 sizes – 1.8m and 2.4m long. Our 1.8m long tables seat 6-8 people comfortably while the 2.4m table seats 8-10 people. These tables are great as they are affordable but practical, we highly recommend hiring them with linen for style.

Create a more dynamic setting with different-sized tables like cocktail tables. You can consider our rectangular tapas table. These tapas tables are available with different coloured table tops and frames. This allows you to design the event scene you desire. These cocktail tables serve as ideal hubs to gather your guests for meaningful conversations while also doubling as stations for a DIY bar or food station.

Rectangular Tapas tables

Comfortable Chairs

Complement our party tables with our chairs at Party Hire Group. From Plastic chairs to wired chairs, our range of party chairs will complement any table you choose. Consider plastic chairs for intimate gatherings such as backyard BBQ gatherings. These budget-friendly chairs offer essential comfort for a relaxed seating arrangement. If styling and appearance do not matter, these party chairs are a great choice.

However, if style and appearance are something you are looking for. We also offer stylish seats that are sure to complement your event theme. From elegant Tiffany chairs to sleek Wired dining chairs, our seats are sure to leave a lasting impression. Not only do we have dining chairs, but we also offer ottoman benches and sofa lounges for a more relaxing and comforting setting. Our wide range of stylish chairs will allow your guests to relax and enjoy the festivities comfortably.

White plastic padded chairs

Beat the Heat with Slushie Machines

The summer heat is catching up in January and will shine bright on Australia Day. Beat the heat with our slushie machine that offers refreshing frozen beverages. With this refreshing slushie maker, you can create fruity slushies for the little kids or icy cocktails for the adults. We have five different packages that suit any sized gatherings you are hosting. For a cosy Australia Day get-together, we suggest our package two slushie maker. This slushie machine is a twin bowl machine that can create 120 drinks. Its’ twin bowl feature allows you to make two different slushie flavours. Alternatively, you can have one alcoholic and one non-alcoholic – make sure to label each slushie machine, you don’t want the kids having too much fun!

For larger events like festivals or market stalls, we recommend our Slushie machine package 5, serving up to 240 drinks and four flavours to choose from. All our packages include 100x cups and straws. Also, there are 20 + flavours available for you to choose from. For crafting cocktail beverages, we exclusively supply the flavoured syrup while you are responsible for providing your choice of alcohol. Incorporating slushy machines brings a playful and refreshing touch to the event, delighting adults and kids.

Slushy machines hired for a party

Set the Mood with Music – Speakers

You can’t have a party without music, especially for Australia Day. If you’re indulging in good food, good drinks and good company, playing music is a must to keep up with the vibe. No celebration is complete without good music, which is why we offer our speaker range. Our speakers all have high-quality sound across various types, including Bluetooth speakers, battery-powered speakers and powered speakers. Having quality speakers or a good sound system can set the tone and elevate the atmosphere of your gathering. Whether it’s rock, pop or some classic tunes, having the right speakers ensures everyone can enjoy the music and join in the festive vibe.

A PA system hide from Party Hire Group

Keep Drinks Chilled with our Esky

Any outdoor celebration or event during the summer means the significance of keeping your drinks cool. At Party Hire Group, we offer our esky that is great for storing your beverages and ensures your drinks are chilled throughout the day. Our esky is 110L in capacity and is large, measuring 101 cm long and 55 cm in depth. With this size of an esky, you will have the space to accommodate various drink options, from soft drinks to water and alcoholic beverages. If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable way to keep your food and drinks, look no further than our eskies!

To learn more about Party Hire Group, and their range of party items you can hire, visit their website here:

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