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Ever Hired A Skip Bin?

The blog Chicks team recommend Skip Bin Co for all your yard clearing needs before winter sets in!

They are one of Melbourne’s most trusted skip bin hire companies. They have been hiring out skip bins for over twenty years, servicing construction sites, as well as providing bins for residential clean ups, offices, schools and government projects.

The aim is to deliver you the best-priced skip bin hire for your waste removal needs, delivered and collected to meet your schedule and at your location across Australia. To hire a skip bin is as easy as selecting the right sized bin to accommodate your rubbish removal needs. Thery offer skip bin hire for residential use, construction sites, offices and anything you can think of where you need rubbish removed quickly and conveniently.

Skip Bin Co brings together a national network of skip bin providers to deliver the best-priced and quickest bin delivery based on your location. By working with over 100 skip bin operators across Australia, we can organise a bin provider that is closest to your location and is the best-priced provider for your waste type and bin size.

The team of skip bin hire experts have worked in the industry for over 20 years and our carefully screened and selected network of skip bin operators will ensure you get cheap skip bin hire and great service. They manage the process for you, saving you the time and hassle of calling and emailing providers and shopping for quotes. The volume of work that is provided to operators ensures they can get a better price for you, especially if you don’t regularly hire skip bins.

Hire a bin at a convenient time for you

Skip Bin Co delivers bins across Australia 6 days a week, ensuring you can get a prompt drop off and collection service to suit your schedule. Their large fleet of waste removal trucks is available quickly, with next day service available in most cases. If you are looking for fast skip bin services in Sydney, then we strongly recommend you contact Skip Bin Co to discuss your needs.

How do we know what skip bin size to hire?

Choosing the right sized bin can be a little tricky if you don’t regularly hire them. They have a skip bin hire guide next to each bin on their website which tells you an approximate number of wheel burrows each bin can take, which is an easy format that people can relate to.

Do you recycle the waste?

Yes, They endeavour to recycle as much waste as possible. Once your skip bin hire is collected, they take it to a yard and separate the waste. In a lot of cases, a majority of the bin can be recycled and given a second purpose. The remaining waste that can’t be recycled is taken to various tips to ensure they can get their customers the cheapest bin prices possible. There are numerous tips  that specialise in particular waste formats, so by taking a load to them will ensure the highest recycling.

Do you need a skip bin permit to place a bin on road or public space?

Yes, if not placing the bin within the boundary of your property, bin hirers need to go to their local council to get a skip bin permit. Some councils don’t require a skip bin permit, but always contact your local council to confirm this and be sure you are not breaking any local council bylaws.

National Operator

Skip Bin Co is a national skip bin provider. See below a list of city locations they service. If you’re working on a national project, you can rest assured that Skip Bin Co can offer their great service across Australia.

Learn more about Skip Bin Co and their range of services via their website here:

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