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I Will Never Be Rich? Yes, YouCan If You Know How

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re
 ~ Henry Ford

The blogging team came across this insightful article on the Integrity Property Investment website, and we have gained their approval to publish it here so our readers can enjoy and learn from it too!

The worst thing you can do is start out convincing yourself that you cannot succeed. What I’ve learned over the years that has served me well is that we are all allocated the same resources: a human body with its brain and its brawn, and 168 hours of time per week. How we use these resources is the difference between those who are successful and those who are not.

Success has nothing to do with the circumstances you were born into, nothing to do with race, religion, and cultural values. It has everything to do with the conscious decisions you make on how you spend your time and the actions you choose to take. Psychology and mindset are critical in this – you must believe in yourself and that you are capable of achieving success. It really is that simple.

If another human being has done it, you can do it too!

Close the gap between their knowledge and yours by finding out how they achieved success and what knowledge they have, then educate yourself and take action – do the same things they did to get to that level of success. It has never been easier to educate yourself than now with access to the internet and all the online resources it provides.

You simply need to stop making excuses and copping out. Put down the gossip magazines, stop playing computer games and turn off the mindless TV shows and start investing in yourself and your own education by searching online for videos, books and courses. Start taking action! Do something now so that you can have the life you truly dream about for yourself and your family, whether that’s the family you have now or the family you plan on having in the future.

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The worst time to buy real estate is tomorrow because “tomorrow never comes”. Tomorrow is the procrastinator’s due date.

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