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yoose®️ 2024 Spring Launch: Mini Shaver for Next Generation

SHENZHEN, China, March 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — As a “trendy portable” brand created by top designers and artists, yoose®️ is dedicated to seamlessly blending trend culture with industrial technology to present products that are mini, more portable, and imbued with a stronger sense of design and quality. The yoose Spring Event now unveils three brand-new products for users.

MINI 2.0, building upon the foundation of the original 5 color options, introduces 2 new color variants: Linen White and Klein Blue. Its luminous metallic finish exudes a unique and dazzling shine, showcasing self-expression and lifestyle attitudes with different colors. Equipped with an 8000 RPM brushless motor, it delivers a 33% increase in powerful driving force, along with a thinner blade mesh, larger gaps, and a 360° fit blade head, ensuring a truly swift and thorough shave. With dual 400mAh batteries, it provides a long-lasting battery life up to 30 days, allowing for shaving anytime, anywhere.

yoose’s first 3-in-1 men’s grooming kit, the MINI Cube series, caters to shaving, nose hair trimming, and facial cleansing needs. Transitioning from individual items such as cigarettes, mobile phones, and car keys to an all-in-one grooming set represents a new trend in essential items for trendy men at home and on the go. With its rounded alloy body and golf ball-sized design, it offers ultimate portability, meeting users’ grooming needs whether in the car, on business trips, or during travels.

yoose introduces its original “7” shaped high-speed hair dryer series, featuring a revolutionary 7-shaped aerodynamic unobstructed wind tunnel design. Departing from the traditional hammer-shaped high-speed hair dryer aesthetic, weighing 36% lighter than conventional hair dryers. Paired with streamlined airflow nozzles, it caters to various hairstyles. With a high-speed motor of 110,000 rotations per minute and equipped with 200 million negative ions, it bids farewell to dry and frizzy hair. Additionally, it comes in three color options: blue, pink, and white, breaking away from traditional color schemes to accommodate different personality preferences.

These products are available in the mid of April.

About yoose

Brand Vision: Ultimate Individuality, Leading Trends

Brand Value: yoose is committed to providing global users with smaller, trendier, and more portable high-quality personal care products through original design and exquisite production technology. yoose dares to innovate with different and avant-garde designs, creating more products for consumers.

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