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Dontia Alliance introduced its first Advanced Implant Strategies Centre of Excellence in Malaysia and four (4) other centres are in the pipeline

  • The first AIS Centre was launched in Penang, Malaysia on 8 June 2024
  •  Four (4) more AIS Centres are slated to be launched in Singapore, Hong Kong (SAR), Vietnam and the Philippines in the next two years

SINGAPORE, June 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Dontia Alliance Pte. Ltd. (“DA”) introduced its first Advanced Implant Strategies Centre of Excellence (“AIS Centre”) in Penang, Malaysia. Today’s launch marks the first step in DA’s vision to establish a vast and robust “AIS Centre” network that will contribute to its growing dental ecosystem in Asia.

The launch was in collaboration with SmileBay Dental Sdn. Bhd. (“SmileBay”), a leading dental group in Penang with eight (8) clinics across Malaysia. DA was delighted to name SmileBay Signature Advanced Implant Centre (“SmileBay AIC”) as the first AIS Centre. SmileBay AIC, equipped with a laboratory and training facility in addition to its clinical practice, is SmileBay’s largest full-service implant centre.

“AIS Centre”, a concept newly introduced by DA, is an exclusive title awarded to the premier comprehensive implant centre of each country in recognition of its steadfast commitment to clinical excellence and patient-centric care. Beyond that, AIS Centres have an added emphasis on using advanced techniques and technologies in their services, paving the way for excellence in the dental implantology sphere. With this trusted branding, patients can be assured that their implant treatment and maintenance are done with the highest standard of care.

In the next two years, four (4) more AIS Centres will be launched in Singapore, Hong Kong (SAR), Vietnam and the Philippines. They will leverage an efficient consolidation of resources and expertise to optimise the practices of individual implant centres in the network. Dental professionals at AIS Centres can also look forward to upgrading themselves with an extensive spread of educational courses, networking events and mentorships under the AIS programme.

Furthermore, Asia’s aging population and a resulting rise in edentulous patients have made accessible and convenient implant care more necessary than ever. Having a one-stop shop for implant solutions in each major city helps preserve the patients’ quality of life amidst their lifelong oral health journey. Reliable implant repair centres are also crucial for patients to prolong their implant’s lifespan as implants become an increasingly popular choice for tooth loss replacement.

In conjunction with the launch of the first AIS Centre, DA was proud to announce its corporate social responsibility initiatives, which involve partnerships with dental implant manufacturers to provide implant treatment to the underprivileged. This initiative underscores DA’s continual commitment to equitably accessible dental care.

Dr. Wong Keng Mun, the founder of DA, said, “We recognise the importance of accessibility and are committed to establishing implant repair and service centres in the major cities of Asia to ensure that patients can access necessary care and maintenance for their implants conveniently. By consolidating resources and expertise, our AIS Centres leverage economies to scale to deliver cost-effective and quality implant solutions. We are dedicated to educating the public on the benefits of implants and complex oral rehabilitation, thereby empowering them to make informed decisions about their oral health.”

Dr. James Chow, the founder of DA, said, “Our AIS Centres serve as educational hubs for dentists by providing training and updates on new dental materials technologies and techniques to keep them abreast of the latest innovation and development in implant dentistry. Our AIS Centres also facilitate the sharing of best practices among dentists and foster a community of learning and continuous improvement.”

Dr. Yong Peng San, the founder of SmileBay, said, “As we celebrate two momentous occasions today, I am honoured that SmileBay AIC has been selected as the first AIS Centre in Asia. I believe this will propel the growth trajectory of SmileBay AIC and Penang as it becomes the preferred destination for patients seeking holistic care in their lifelong dental health journey.”

About Dontia Alliance Pte. Ltd.:

Dontia Alliance Pte. Ltd. (“DA”) is a solutions-based company that has established an extensive ecosystem of dental professionals, dental-related businesses and partners in Asia.

DA is committed to providing comprehensive support for dental professionals and opportunities for them to network, upgrade their expertise and enhance their dental practices. It envisions a dental ecosystem that upholds the highest standard of patient care and clinical excellence.

Currently, DA’s dental ecosystem covers a network of:

  • 31 dental centres and clinics in five (5) countries and regions namely, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong (SAR), Mainland China and the Philippines;
  • Three (3) dental laboratories in Singapore and one (1) dental outsourcing laboratory in Vietnam;
  • Four (4) education academies in Singapore and Malaysia; and
  • Three (3) supply companies in Singapore.p

For more information, please visit our website at and follow us on our social media platforms:

@Dontia Alliance – Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn

For more information on our education academy:

@Dontia Professional – Facebook | Instagram

About SmileBay Dental Sdn. Bhd.:

With a legacy spanning over 25 years, SmileBay Dental Sdn. Bhd. (“SmileBay”) leads the way for dental excellence in Penang, Malaysia, embodying innovation and patient-centric care.

Founded in 1999 by Dr. Yong Peng San, a visionary in the field, the group of eight (8) clinics is synonymous with cutting-edge dental care and transformative smile makeovers.

For more information about SmileBay, please visit our website at and follow us on our social media platforms:

@SmileBay Dental – Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn

For more information about SmileBay Signature Advanced Implant Centre, please visit our website at


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