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Elevating “She Power”:’s “Most Excellent Female Bosses” Party Fosters Female Development

YIWU, China, April 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Under a sunny sky and amidst the sweet scent of blooming flowers, a grand spring gala unfolded. hosted its annual “Most Excellent Female Bosses” Party at the Yiwu Expo Center Hotel on the afternoon of April 18, 2024., the official website of the Yiwu Commodity Market, is the largest commodity wholesale market in the world. hosted its annual “Most Excellent Female Bosses” Party at the Yiwu Expo Center Hotel on the afternoon of April 18, 2024. hosted its annual “Most Excellent Female Bosses” Party at the Yiwu Expo Center Hotel on the afternoon of April 18, 2024.

On that day, the stage was graced by the presence of ten exceptional women entrepreneurs, recognized as the “Most Excellent Female Bosses”. Among them were Fu Jiangyan from Zhangweichao Socks Firm, Sun Lifang from Julia’s Bag, Wang Xiaoqing from Yiwu Duo Can Baking Cake Cup, Wang Xiaohong from Aishang Home, Wang Chunxing from Butterfly Fly Lace Firm, Jin Chengfeng from Lanmo Textiles, Li Hong from Yiwu Hanbang Daily Necessities Firm, Peng Xiaoyu from, Liu Jianying from Avatar Glue Factory, and Wang Liting from Dongyang Qiansi Craft Weaving Co. Ltd. Additionally, 20 nominees for the event, including Yu Liping from Xingda Ceramics Firm, Tan Chengjiao from Xuping Jewelry, and Bao Qiaoli from Bole Plush Pendant Toy, along with other remarkable women entrepreneurs, also attended the party. Dressed in their finest attire, they collectively showcased the elegance and accomplishments of female business owners in the bustling Yiwu market.

Intense Competition: Newcomers vs. Veterans

In line with past practices, the selection process for this year’s “Most Excellent Female Bosses” began at 0:00 on March 8th, involving all female merchants across zones 1 to 5 of Yiwu International Trade City, Huangyuan Clothing Market, and the production materials market. Since the start of voting, market operators have shown enthusiastic engagement, attracting a large number of participants competing for the awards.

Following a month of fierce competition, the winners have been announced for each award. Among the list of awardees, we find familiar names like Fu Jiangyan and Wang Xiaoqing, who have witnessed the continuous evolution of this event.

“Every year, I actively participate in this selection event. It provides an excellent platform for self-promotion, product promotion, and brand recognition. Additionally, it serves as a medium for exchange and mutual growth, enabling me to learn from others and broaden my horizons, thus driving the development of my business more effectively,” said Fu Jiangyan. She added that through this platform, she has gained recognition from both domestic and international buyers, making her company’s brand and herself the top choice for customer purchases.

Among the awardees, there are also several “new faces” on the list, including Liu Jianying, who has injected the “Most Excellent Female Bosses” event with new vitality.

“We are the primary manufacturer specializing in various adhesive products. With a high degree of outward orientation, our products are exported to regions including Europe, America, South America, and Southeast Asia. However, as they say, ‘even the finest wine needs a good market’. By participating in this selection event, we aim to enhance our brand recognition, and expand our presence in overseas markets, to create more business opportunities,” explained Liu Jianying. Despite being her first time participating in this competition, Liu Jianying expressed her surprise at the event’s ability to attract customers. She exclaimed, “Every day, we receive orders from customers who found us through They not only support us but also cheer for us.”

It is due to the collective efforts of these “familiar faces” and “new faces” that breathe life into’s “Most Excellent Female Bosses” selection event, infusing it with endless charm and vitality. So far, this event has evolved into one of the foremost brand selection activities in the Yiwu market, capturing significant attention each spring.

Platform Elevates “She Power”

One of the distinctive characteristics of the Yiwu market lies in its division of labor: men oversee production while women manage retail. This silently agreed-upon arrangement, though informal, has proven to be highly pragmatic. It is this very model that provides female business owners with extensive space for career advancement and growth.

According to the latest statistics from, female merchants make up approximately 53% of the workforce in the Yiwu market. These “female bosses” continue to play an indispensable role in the market, serving as a driving force behind the ongoing growth and development of

Since 2016, has consistently hosted the “Most Excellent Female Bosses” event, aimed at recognizing and promoting exceptional female business owners. This initiative seeks to spotlight the top-tier brands and products behind these female entrepreneurs, thereby fostering the indispensable “She Power” necessary for cultivating a thriving marketplace.

Up to now, this selection event has been held for nine consecutive years, identifying numerous outstanding female merchants. Through this initiative, they, along with their businesses and products, have garnered visibility and recognition among a broader audience. These female entrepreneurs stand as exemplary models of female innovation and entrepreneurship in the Yiwu market. Embracing opportunities for development, they stay grounded in their profession, nurture their primary ventures, explore and broaden their horizons, and represent the spirit of women in today’s entrepreneurial landscape.

“In the era of the digital economy, will continue to play a leading and driving role as a platform. Through initiatives like the ‘Most Excellent Female Bosses’ selection event, we aim to promote outstanding female entrepreneurs across all sectors of society, offering inspiration for the growth of more female merchants and the enterprises they represent. We are empowering ‘her’ and propelling their progress,” stated Wang Jianjun, General Manager of


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