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Retro Stage Celebrates Its 7th Anniversary with New Clothing Launch

MONTEREY, Calif., May 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Vintage-inspired fashion brand Retro Stage has announced that throughout May, they will be celebrating their seventh anniversary. In order to share the joy of this occasion with their customers, the brand is releasing a new collection of retro clothing that includes swimsuits, rompers, and dresses that take inspiration from a wide array of 20th-century decades.

Retro Stage 7th Anniversary
Retro Stage 7th Anniversary

Since its creation in 2017, Retro Stage has endeavored to share its love of vintage fashion with the world through its unique fusion of classic and modern aesthetics. This has culminated in a dedicated following of nostalgic fashionistas who flock to the brand’s website to browse their latest seasonal and holiday collections. The online world is only one part of the story, though; Retro Stage has also hosted several in-person events in places like Anaheim, California, and Paris, France, encouraging attendees to dress in their very best vintage outfits and gather in one place to celebrate the timelessness of beauty and femininity. Additionally, the brand has forged partnerships with a handful of offline stores across the US, allowing customers to experience the magic of their garments in person.

“We’ve amassed a catalog of thousands of designs over the years, covering every niche imaginable, from evening gowns and swimwear to shoes and accessories,” said the Retro Stage team. “Our brand’s designers abide by a philosophy of seamlessly blending vintage patterns and themes with modern elements. We aim to create unforgettable pieces that can stand on their own in the fashion world.”

This dedicated team ensures that retro elements are woven into every facet of the design process in both traditional and unexpected ways to express the unparalleled charm of 20th-century aesthetics while staying on the cutting edge of contemporary trends.

Retro Stage has provided a sneak preview of some of the new pieces from their anniversary collection to give vintage fashion lovers a taste of what’s to come when the celebration begins.

The Yellow 1950s Sunflower Halter Romper pairs bold mustard-yellow fabric with a lively sunflower print that forms a halter neckline, tying in a bow at the back of the neck. Topped off with a matching yellow belt, this piece maximizes both cuteness and comfort. Another excellent summertime option is the Pink 1950s Cartoon Pattern Spaghetti Strap Romper, which embodies casual femininity with its rose-pink bottoms and slimming waist bow. Even better, the bodice is patterned with whimsical illustrations inspired by a beloved literary classic, bringing an air of youth to the final look.

Conversely, the Orange 1960s Lapel Flowers Patchwork Dress takes a refined, preppy approach to the classic flower power philosophy. The groovy floral print is offset by a smart white collar and matching buttons, sleeves, and waist accents for a fun and unique result.

Toning down the color palette is the Black 1950s Solid Spaghetti Dress, a beautifully asymmetrical monochrome piece that looks like wearable art. Mostly black with one white stripe down the side that acts as a cropped skirt panel, this dress is perfect for the more experimental vintage fashionistas. Likewise, the Red 1950s Polka-Dot Spaghetti Strap Jumpsuit takes the classic minimalist combo of red and white to the next level, featuring a polka-dot bodice with double spaghetti straps and crisp white pants. The whole piece comes together with a polka-dot belt tied into a bow at the waist.

The 1930s Polka-Dot Patchwork Button Jumpsuit brings to mind the iconic sailor uniforms of the early 1900s with its color palette of black, white, and navy blue. Its polka-dot bodice with sheer straps contrasts wonderfully with its tailored high-waisted pant legs, making for a sharp yet chic look. Similarly, the 2-Piece Navy 1950s Polka-Dot Swing Dress set consists of a dress with a polka-dotted bodice and a dark blue high-waisted skirt, as well as a matching blazer with polka-dot trim.

Lastly, the Green 1940s Striped Halter Swimsuit Set brings a sense of freshness and vibrance to any pool or beach setting. Made up of a white halter top with green pinstripes and dark green bottoms with floral button accents, this set just oozes personality. What could be better while lounging in the sunshine?

The Retro Stage team would like to extend their thanks to each and every one of their customers for all the love and support over the years. “As we celebrate this incredible milestone together,” the team said, “we encourage you to get gussied up in your very best vintage-inspired clothes and accessories and join us in raising a toast. You can also browse our latest releases to find a new favorite piece to commemorate this special occasion.” They then continued, saying, “Know that Retro Stage sees your passion and is eternally grateful for your contributions to bringing nostalgic fashion back into the spotlight. Keep on being unapologetically yourself!”

About Retro Stage

Retro Stage is a popular vintage fashion brand featuring classic clothing and accessories inspired by 20th-century aesthetics. As a vintage style pioneer, Retro Stage is more than a brand; it’s a way of life, helping every customer explore the history of fashion through chic and glamorous retro style. “Beauty never fades,” said the Retro Stage team. “All we want to do is encourage women to build a better life for themselves and confidently embrace their natural allure.”


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