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Sean Ha (Tae Kyoung Ha), the president of USA HoneyNaps, wins an award from South Korea’s Ministry of Science and ICT

BOSTON, May 17, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Sean Ha (Tae Kyoung Ha), the president of HoneyNaps USA, Inc., was awarded the 2023 Artificial Intelligence Industry Contributor prize by South Korea’s Ministry of Science and ICT in recognition of his contribution to the development of artificial intelligence.

[Sean Ha, President of HoneyNaps USA]
[Sean Ha, President of HoneyNaps USA]

President Sean Ha (Tae Kyoung Ha) developed SOMNUM, time series sleep Bio-Signal data-based X.AI model, achieving the first-ever FDA approval in South Korea, and spearheaded the business’s expansion by commercializing the Bio-Signal-based real time artificial intelligence (AI) model.

Regarding the award of the prize from the Ministry, president Sean Ha (Tae Kyoung Ha) said, “I’m pleased by the high assessment accorded to the AI technology co-developed by our company’s development teams and medical teams from prestigious university hospitals for nine years”, adding, “As of world facing the step change by AI now, I’ll actively pursue identifying areas where Korean AI technologies can benefit both world-class healthcare delivery systems and patients in the US. I’ll also devote myself in line with the company’s philosophy “We contribute to selective human health improvement, even for just one person”.

For further information, please contact:

HoneyNaps USA, Inc.
Christine Kwon / Managing Director
Address: 6 Liberty SQ PMB 6202, Boston, MA 02109


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