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Widely Popular ‘Honey Oranda Snack Bar’ from YoungManDduk makes its US debut at Costco

SEOUL, South Korea, March 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Popular Korean Food brand, ‘YoungManDduk’, will be making its US debut with their beloved Honey Oranda Snack Bars through Costco. The snack combines both Korea’s authentic flavors and modern cuisine, creating a brand-new culinary innovation.

‘Oranda’ itself is a Korean traditional snack made from small, puffed wheat mixed with honey or syrup which are then shaped into snack bars. Its simple yet delicious taste has stood through time and continued to be loved by many people.

Capturing the crunchy and sweet properties of ‘Oranda’, YoungManDduk’ Honey Oranda Snack Bars come in three different flavors based on traditional recipes: original honey flavor, soybean flavor, and black sesame flavor. You can experience the sweet taste of honey, as well as the savory flavors of soybean and black sesame powder in each variety. This product has attracted attention with its diverse flavors and smooth texture, allowing consumers to enjoy both classic and modern tastes in one snack.

‘YoungManDduk’s’ Honey Oranda Snack Bars’ soaring popularity since its release has resulted in continuous sell-outs in Korea as consumer demand kept increasing. Not only guaranteeing good taste, this handmade product also places great importance on quality, which has led to it gaining recognition as a product of high value. ‘YoungManDduk’s’ Honey Oranda Snack Bars’ popularity did not stop in Korea, rather it has even reached the United States, prompting ‘YoungManDduk’ to expand into the US market through major retailers such as Costco.

“People’s high interest in Oranda and how it is being embraced in the United States shows an excellent example of a successful effort to promote the charm and diversity of Korean culture,” said YoungManDduk’s brand manager. “We believe that ‘Oranda’ will continue to be cherished by more people worldwide.”

‘Oranda’ from YoungManDduk will be available for sale at Costco, primarily in the Los Angeles area, and subsequently in the Midwestern region, including Illinois and Ohio.


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