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Breaks the Barriers: Skincare Tech Brand AMIRO Empowers Women Through #AmiroInspire Initiative

SHENZHEN, China, March 13, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Aligned with the theme “Inspire Inclusion” for International Women’s Day 2024, AMIRO, a premier provider of beauty and skincare tech solutions, reinforces its dedication to making beauty accessible and promoting women’s empowerment with the introduction of its #AmiroInspire initiative.

As part of this initiative, AMIRO has joined forces with four inspiring individuals who, from their wheelchairs, are enhancing the meaning of beauty. Through this “Beauty Without Barriers” program, their collective mission is to break down barriers in the pursuit of beauty and inspire everyone to express their unique beauty. Together, they are conveying a powerful message: beauty is a universal pursuit.

Among them, Stefanie Schaffer, whose life transformed after a boating accident at 22, resulting in the loss of her lower limbs and a spinal injury. Overcoming adversity, Stefanie now shines as a model, content creator, and author, seizing life’s opportunities with vigor. She recounts her early experiences of isolation stemming from her disability and a lack of community ties, which led to profound loneliness. Her turning point came when she discovered an online group of individuals with similar disabilities.

“When l think of inspire inclusion, I think of the many women that l am lucky to know in this disability community that not only break barriers but help others to do the same, whether it’s through creating content on social media, modeling for brands, participating in adaptive sports, working in a male dominated field or something else, disabled women are showing up and inspiring inclusion,” said Stefanie.

Stefanie believes that lack of access is what can literally prevent the disabled group from being included. This is a challenge faced by almost every person with disabilities, and it’s the reason AMIRO persists in its mission and strive to bring a more convenient beauty experience to every user, recognizing the importance of accessibility and inclusivity.

This program is a testament to AMIRO’s commitment to its mission and has been making strides for quite some time. After several months of using the AMIRO R3 Turbo Facial RF Skin Tightening Device, Stefanie has discovered the pleasure of having access to premium facial treatments right in the comfort of her home. She appreciates the convenience and liberation from the hassles of scheduling and accessibility concerns.

As a home beauty device brand, AMIRO’s vision is to make beauty accessible for everyone.  In the journey to realize this vision, AMIRO is not alone. On this year’s International Women’s Day, AMIRO partnered with Equality Now, a non-governmental organization dedicated to advocating for the protection and promotion of women’s and girls’ human rights. Together, they aim to empower individuals to live fearlessly, freely, and confidently, fostering a more equal and inclusive world for women.

Moreover, AMIRO has partnered with the renowned Cassandra Bankson, a skincare expert and medical aesthetician boasting over 10 years of experience. Drawing from personal struggles, Cassandra revealed her past obsession with appearance over talent. However, overcoming acne and aiding women with their insecurities taught her the profound depth of beauty beyond the skin.

Echoing Cassandra’s sentiments, AMIRO provides technology-driven beauty solutions that supports women to embrace their skin in its natural state. Rather than limiting its efforts to a single day of celebration, AMIRO maintains a steadfast commitment to enhancing the simplicity and efficacy of at-home skincare routines. Looking ahead, the brand is dedicated to providing continuous support to help individuals from all backgrounds reach their beauty aspirations.


AMIRO, a beauty and skincare technology brand founded in 2015, has been delivering joy and harmony through its technologically advanced home beauty and personal care electronic products. With over 38 international design awards, AMIRO is your trusted skincare partner that offers portable, short-acting, and long-lasting solutions to improve skincare efficiency.

Upholding the idea of “Revitalize beauty through science”, AMIRO’s products are designed to be affordable, high-quality, and supported by clinical data. With a commitment to sustainability and innovation and a vision of becoming the world’s leading precision skincare group, AMIRO is dedicated to providing skincare solutions that make women of all ages feel confident and beautiful.


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