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ZEGOCLOUD Delivers Industry-Leading Latency, Elevating Live Streaming Experiences and Bolstering Platform Revenues

SINGAPORE, March 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — ZEGOCLOUD, a leading global cloud communication service provider, has made significant strides in delivering seamless, ultra-low latency experiences for live streaming and real-time video interactions.

With rigorous R&D and accumulated know-how in serving customer needs in real-time communication (RTC), ZEGOCLOUD has achieved a 90% success rate of millisecond-level experience in TTFF (Time to First Frame) globally. This translates into an exceptional TTFF of 79 milliseconds on average for live video calling and streaming platforms, supporting them in avoiding revenue losses associated with latency issues.

This optimization is crucial as it fosters positive first impressions, as the speed and fluidity of video loading and real-time engagement are pivotal for user satisfaction and retention on live streaming apps. “Studies show in live streaming, if it takes over two seconds to start, viewers start dropping off, and with each extra second, the platform is losing another 6% of the audience,” stated Kuk Jiang, co-founder of ZEGOCLOUD.

ZEGOCLOUD’s industry-leading TTFF optimization has proven successful in enabling businesses to enhance user connections, minimize churn rates, and ultimately increase revenue. With a success rate of over 95% for TTFF within 2 seconds in critical regions such as Europe, America, and Southeast Asia, ZEGOCLOUD’s solutions are poised to help platforms attract and retain users and drive substantial increases in revenue across various industries.

Purpose-built for industries from social entertainment to interactive live commerce, ZEGOCLOUD offers a full suite of real-time video engagement capabilities, including animated virtual gifts, in-app mini games, in-app chat, content moderation, beauty filters, cloud recording, and more. “By integrating ZEGOCLOUD, businesses can concentrate on their core operations and deliver high-quality live video to global audiences, streamlining the user experience and cutting down on costs and complexities associated with multiple third-party service integrations,” added Kuk.

ZEGOCLOUD’s specialized SDKs address common pain points like network complexity across regions and diverse device compatibility. Advanced features such as CDN live streaming, L3 acceleration, and customizable regional service settings provide robust, flexible solutions for different business scenarios.


ZEGOCLOUD revolutionizes virtual engagement with real-time interaction services for hassle-free cloud communication, connecting enterprises, teams, customers, and users. It lays the groundwork for businesses and developers to build RTI into their apps across the mobile internet and the metaverse.


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