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Infinitus Leads in Innovation at FHE2024 with Groundbreaking Health Food Research

Demonstrating Technological Advances in Immunity-Boosting Complex Polysaccharides, the Company Sets New Standards for Functional Food Development

GUANGZHOU, China, March 14, 2024 /PRNewswire/ – Infinitus (China) Company Ltd. was a participant in the 2024 Boao Food for Health Science Conference and Expo (FHE2024) which took place at the Boao Forum for Asia International Conference Centre in Hainan from February 25th to 29th. Tang Jian, Health Food R&D Manager at Infinitus, attended and delivered a keynote speech at the conference.

Infinitus Shines at 2024 Boao Food for Health Science Conference and Expo
Infinitus Shines at 2024 Boao Food for Health Science Conference and Expo

Co-organized by Shanghai JS Life Sciences Institute, Special Food Research Center of China Agricultural University, and Hainan Yuanchuang Active Health Industry Development Research Institute, FHE2024 served as a premier global platform for high-level dialogue centered on the scientific validation of the health benefits of food. The event aimed to disseminate scientific findings, foster international exchange and cooperation, and contribute to the advancement of the host location. The FHE also serves as an integrated platform for scientific communication, achievement display and industry connection to discuss the evidence of the health benefits of all types of foods, as demonstrated from basic scientific research to product development and marketing, and to post-marketing research.

During the conference, Mr. Tang gave a keynote presentation titled “From User Needs to Products: Exploring Innovations in Functional Food R&D”. In his address, he emphasized Infinitus’ distinctive approach to R&D and management, focusing on user needs and demand-driven innovation. He also shed light on the company’s advancements and achievements in developing core technologies for immunity-boosting complex polysaccharides.

To address consumer concerns such as fatigue, colds, and allergies, Infinitus’ R&D team conducted extensive research into fundamental knowledge and core theories. By examining the roots of suboptimal health, they achieved a technological breakthrough and created the innovative “Evaluation Method of Immunity Enhancement Based on Mouse Models with Immune Deficiency Caused by Sleep Deprivation”. The method, offering a significant industry advantage, helped to identify complex polysaccharides that exhibit notable synergies between immunity regulation, antiviral activity, and relief from allergic rhinitis and dermatitis. These polysaccharides were then applied to the development of new products. During FHE2024, Infinitus received widespread acclaim from attendees for its dedication to driving product innovation through key technological advancements.

Looking ahead, Infinitus plans to continue its commitment to advancing technological innovation and strengthening its R&D capabilities. The company intends to remain engaged in industry conferences and leverage its user-centric approach to expand its range of premium herbal health products. Through these initiatives, Infinitus aims to contribute to the industry’s quality-driven growth and to improve consumer well-being, making them healthier and happier.

Source: Infinitus (China) Company Ltd.


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